Electronic Von Frey

IITC Life Science created the original Electronic von Frey Aesthesiometer which is used to assess mechanical allodynia with rigid tips (threshold) and the “SupertipsTM” (flexible von Frey hairs) are used for sensory test on all test subjects from all animal test subjects and human studies. The current Electronic von Frey Aesthesiometer series enables researchers to use up to 5 total test disciplines with a single unit. Multiple users have the ability to use one single unit for multiple studies.

  • MRI Probe available
  • Main control unit allows for up to three different devices (e.g., von Frey, Randall Selitto and/or Plethysmometer)
  • LCD Readout (Floating or last maximum & minimum)
  • Rigid tips up to 800 Gr.
  • “Supertips™” 15 up to 65 Gr.
  • “Supertips™” von Frey Hairs can be ordered indvidually
  • 90, 800 or 1000 Gr. probes available
  • Microprocessor Electronics 0.1 Gr Plug-in probes
  • Independence from Hygroscopy
  • Independence from temperature
  • Optional analog output cable
  • Pipette tips can be customized to any specification

Our system is an easy, user friendly system which was developed to enable researchers to test sensory and pain threshold in one system. When studies call for pain threshold measurement rigid tips are used and when measuring sensory threshold one of the 15 Supertips™ is used. The system is supplied with either 90, 800 or 1000 gram pressure probes. Pressure probe type is determined by test subject.

Testing is simple, choose one of the supplied tips(rigid or Supertips™) attach to load cell in the pressure probe; apply pressure probe to test subject, upon reaction the unit will display and store your reading in grams, an easy, quick test system for all pain studies. Manually calculating results is no longer required with the IITC system.

All Electronic von Frey systems are calibrated at the factory and do not require any type of constant calibration, adjustment or separate calibrator to be purchased.

The optional analog output cable supplies a pressure analog output voltage (mV range) exactly proportional to the applied pressure. The signal is free floating and can be used on both chart recorders and/or A to D converters.

The IITC Supertips™(hairs) are unique in design – each hair has a uniform tip of .8mm in diameter, eliminating the possibility of false readings that may occur due to the varying hair thickness when applied to test subject.