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Tail Flick Analgesia Meter

The IITC Tail Flick Test apparatus meter measures latency and/or temperature threshold when detecting properties of narcotic and strong non-narcotic drugs on mice and rats. A built-in timer is automatically stopped when the animals' tail flicks out of the beam of light and the test result will be displayed on the readout.

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Tail Temperature Optional (T)

Precise programmable digital control

Humane cut-off feature

Adjustable heat intensity in 1% increments room temperature to 250 degrees C.

Reaction is detected automatically

Manual override of all timer functions

Alphanumeric readout

All Functions and parameters entered via key-pad


Printer output (standard)

Software - USB - (optional)

Dimensions: Electronics: 18" x 18"

An overhead halogen light source is in a constant on state. A pre-focused heat source supplies an area of 4X6mm stimulation to the tail. A built-in sensor in the tail groove detects the tail flick of the animal. The tail groove is a non-metallic material to avoid unnecessary conditioning of your animals; unlike other systems. If the animal does not flick their tail within the pre-programmed cut-off time; the heat source shuts off automatically; avoiding tissue damage. Built-in timer displays the reaction time in 0.01 second increments. Control of system can be from either the front panel or supplied Foot Switch to Start, Stop or Reset tests.

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