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Automate your behavioral testing using the most versatile, easy to use video tracking system available. 

SDI’s ANY-Maze is designed to test in a wide range of mazes and enclosures, allowing you to choose whether to track the head or body of the animal.

Flexible in every way, ANY-maze will set up quickly with a USB connection to any laptop or PC and tests automatically with virtually any camera. 




Download of ANY-maze is the new Version 6.0.  This version requires a Windows 64 bit computer.



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  • Track automatically using Adaptive Tracking Technology 
  • Track the head, the body or the tail
  • Track up to sixteen animals at a time
  • Run from any laptop or desktop with USB or Firewire interface
  • Record live images or digital files using various camera types
  • Includes close to 100 standard measures
  • Report in text, graphical, statistical or animal track modes
  • Save data in multiple formats; SYLK, dBase, CSV or TXT file

ANY-maze is a video tracking system designed to automate testing in a wide range of behavioral apparatus, including water maze, barnes maze, elevated plus maze, zero maze, t-maze, y-maze radial arm maze, multi unit open field, single unit open field, place preference, home cage and Forced Swim Test.

When you are ready to test, simply place the animal in the apparatus and walk away. ANY-Maze’s unique Adaptive Tracking Technology doesn't need to learn how to track animals, nor does it require any special values to be set—it tracks automatically.

You will also be able to set ANY-Maze to track the head, body or tail—a key feature that is typically only available as an expensive add-on for other video tracking systems.

Perform tests in up to sixteen pieces of apparatus simultaneously, using just one camera—or many-depending on your needs.  Intended to be flexible for you, Anymaze supports most camera types and runs from a laptop computer utilizing a standard Firewire or USB interface.

Although Anymaze’s default is to start automatically, you can easily program the system to start based on your preferences for manual, deferred or remote controlled starts.

As well as using live images from a camera, ANY-maze can record and track using digital video files.

Use these additional features to fully record behavior:

  • Use keys to score behaviors manually
  • Sense photo-beam breaks, lever presses, and/or to control shockers, lamps, motors, etc. with the Anymaze Interface Box

Comprehensive Reporting and Analysis

ANY-maze’s many reporting options allow you to view and analyze your data in almost any way desired. 

The video tracking software offers more than 30 built in statistical tests and includes almost 100 standard measures covering distance, speed, mobility, zone entries, times in zones, latencies to events, event counts, event frequencies, and more.

View your reports in the format you need—text, graphs, statistical analysis and/or replays of animal tracks.  

Of course, the 'raw' results of an experiment are also available making it very easy to transfer data to other programs, such as Microsoft ® Excel, SPSS, Systat, etc., for further analysis. To do so, AnyMaze provides the ability to save your data in formats that work with almost all spreadsheet, statistics and database programs—including SYLK, dBase, CSV or TXT files. 


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