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Startle Responses, Heart Rate, and Temperature in 5-HT1B Receptor Knockout Mice

Friday, September 4, 2009

Bouwknecht, J Adriaan; Hijzen, Theo H.; van der Gugten, Jan; Dirks, Anneloes; A. Maes, Robert A.; Hen, Rene; Geyer, Mark A.; Olivier, Berend
Startle reflexes were measured in four identical startle response systems (SR-LAB, San Diego Instruments), each consisting of a non-restrictive Plexiglas cylinder, mounted on a Plexiglas platform and placed in a ventilated, sound-attenuated chamber. Cylinder movements were detected and measured by a piezoelectric accelerometer mounted under each cylinder. A dynamic calibration system (San Diego Instruments) was used to ensure comparable startle magnitudes across four devices. Startle stimuli were presented through a high frequency speaker located above the startle chambers.
For more information on this study, please refer to:
Neurophysiology, Basic and Clinical

18 December 2000 - Volume 11 - Issue 18 - p 4097-4102

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